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     Please do not get us confused, BECK'S is not a recharger. BECK'S is a Re-Manufacturer. Our cartridges are completely disassembled, worn parts are replaced with new parts including the print drum and the drum cleaning blade, some electrical parts, and toner developer rollers, then the cartridge is filled with fresh toner and reassembled. Cartridges are tested in BECK'S own printers on normal settings to simulate the average printer in a working environment. After the cartridge passes our test and the test built into ever laser printer, they are then packaged and ready for use in your laser printer.

     Each cartridge is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. BECK'S is located in the Chicago Illinois area and will ship new cartridges, but please don't ask us to ship remanufactured cartridges as the after market shipping seals are not up to the quality of a Hewlett Packard new cartridge and we won't risk your satisfaction. BECK'S will replace any cartridge that is delivered by BECK'S and proves to be defective. BECK'S is a Authorized Hewlett Packard reseller and an Authorized printer service repair provider and as such is very concerned about your printer. If any BECK'S cartridge should cause a problem in your Laser Printer, BECK'S will repair or clean and thoroughly check out your printer at absolutely no charge to you. BECK'S highly recommends the use of both Re-Manufactured and New toner cartridges so that we have an ample supply of toners to recycle and you have only the finest toner cartridges available to you for consistent quality.

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